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Welcome to my site! I am currently working as a technical officer at the World Health Organization in the Blindness and Deafness Prevention, Disability and Rehabilitation Unit. I completed my Master of Public Policy and MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. I have mostly been involved with disability advocacy and mathematical analysis in public policy and law. Ultimately, I want to use the power of mathematics to analyze and advocate for public policies that benefit the most marginalized among us.

Geneva, Switzerland accessibility map

A necessary, slow and frustrating part of moving to a new place for me is figuring out where I can and can't go with my wheelchair. For my own reference I put information as I gather it into these custom Google maps. I wanted to link to it here in case it is ever useful for anyone else.

Click here to access my map!

Some definitions and caveats:

  • My definition of "accessibility" is quite narrow and doesn't cover all the dimensions necessary for a place to be truly accessible to everyone. It's really a map of the places that are good enough for me personally.
  • I classify a place as "accessible" and put it on the map if I am able to go inside with my motorized wheelchair without anybody needing to lift or shove me over the doorway. If the place normally has a stair but they have a portable ramp available, I will add the place to the map and make a note of the ramp.
  • If a place only has accessible seating available outside, it's not on the map.
  • If a place has a wheelchair accessible toilet, I will add this as a note. But I will add places to the map even if they don't have a toilet available.
  • The list is definitely not exhaustive! It's most detailed in the areas of town where I spend most of my time. If you have any additions, please email me!

Silence for Sagamihara

This slaughter was extraordinary for a number of reasons: the location (considering how rare murder, let alone mass murder, is in Japan), the number of casualties, the overtness of the warning signs, the clarity and simplicity of this man’s hate…but it also seems extraordinary to me for another reason: how little we have talked about it.

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